"The Dancing Shadows collection is a reflection on freedom. A tribute to the wisdom gained from a life lived without fear. Designing this collection was a journey through the dark and the light to arrive at a place of balance.
It began as a collaboration with an artist from Japan using 'The Book Of Shadows' as inspiration. 

"Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty"

                                                                           - Jun'ichiro Tanizaki 

This quote from the book spoke to me that when we experience pain and hardship it makes our happiness and good health all the more joyful. To experience loss fortifies our gratitude for all the things we do have. The dark and turbulent times in our lives can teach us so much, and therefore have such value. And in that way I find them beautiful.

I'm so grateful for all the challenges and dark periods in my life because they've taught me so much about love, strength, truth, balance, and happiness. I wanted to create a collection inspired by these beautiful paradoxes hoping to inspire others to value all aspects of oneself and others, the easy and the difficult, the 'desirable' and the 'undesirable', to let go of our fears and expectations and to see instead all of our beauty and potential.