About us

Non-Binary Streetwear revolution anyone!?! We felt it was time for ungendered street style to make it's mark on the fashion world. Unisex is one thing, non-binary is another.

Having seen the isolation many suffer from perceived "difference" or "otherness", we were inspired to create a fashion label that focuses on bringing joy, colour and connectedness to people's lives. With over a decade of sewing and design experience Genkstasy works with fit and form to create pieces that look and feel amazing, moving Fresh-Dressed street style into a non-binary future.

We imagine this future as one of play, movement, flow, freedom, and joy. So when designing our collections we're thinking about how a piece is gonna look and feel; on a body, as you dance, or curl up on your lovers lap, not just hanging on a rack, or printed in a magazine.

We aim to set a standard for fashion that you can trust, keeping you in the know about the 'what' and 'where' of how our garments are made. Transparency and community are really important to us. We want to let you know all we know about our garments, and to hear your tips about what's working and what you want to see in future collections.

So welcome to our home! Have a look around, get comfy. And if you have any Q's or suggestions, get in touch. We'd love to hear what's on your on mind! xx