Genkstasy means Joyful Spirit and we embody that philosophy in everything we do. Our high quality and fiercely inclusive garments honour and adore folk of all genders, ages, figures, with design features that celebrate every angle and curve of your beautiful body, and fabrics that inspire and comfort, strengthen and enliven your spirit. We are forging a path for what the new luxury will be: elegance and abundance, pleasure and vitality, and all in harmonious balance with the world around us.

We imagine a future where play, movement, freedom, and joy are fully integrated into all of our lives, and where all genders are not only accepted but embraced for the beautiful and valuable qualities we bring in our unique ways of being. So we design for that future as a reality now. Considering how garments look and feel on your body as you dance, as you make the street your runway, as you curl up on your lovers lap, take your kids for a hike, or share your art with the world (on say, a glamourous trip to Italy!). "The world is your oyster darling!" and we want to help you feel that way in everything you wear!

“With Joyful Spirits we see you, in your unique and beautiful humanity, you are whole, you are perfection, you are free."

We have pre-made pieces in our shop that you can buy now, and we also specialise in custom-order pieces. Because we know how many different bodies there are out there, and we want to fit you as you, so you feel fab in your clothes. So if you're in the shop and you don't see your size, or want an adjustment for accessibilty or aesthetics, just send us a message and we'll work with you to make your dream piece today!

We are so proud of our 100% Solar Powered studio, situated in the sandhills of Githabul country, Northern Rivers. This is where all our pieces are designed, cut, and sewn with great care and attention to detail by Evie or Ann, ready to be on their way into your beautiful hands. It is also where we are learning from the land how we can bring the cycles of nature into our business, and how we can best serve the land and the communities that support us. 

We source all our fabrics here in Australia, from trusted suppliers like OCC Apparel, Salvage, Kusaga Athletic, and Ferns Textiles, as well as using the stash of vintage fabrics we've collected over the years. 
We save all off-cuts from our designs to use in other smaller items, and all unusable waste is composted here on the farm (or in the case of non-compostables, we use the threads/fibres to make yoga bolsters).
We use Rasant threads because they're strong and long lasting, as well as being gentle on sensitive skin, they have a polyester core and a cotton coating. We trialled using 100% cotton threads, but found they only lasted a year or two before they'd tear and our fabrics last much much longer, so we decided the more sustainable option for our customers, and considering the energy going into making our garments, was to use the stronger thread.
Our zips we buy direct from factories in China because we weren't able to get enough info about the factories from middle-suppliers here in Aus, and we found a great supplier in China who sell us small batches and provided us with good images and info about their factory.

Where we could do better? Our glitter buttons. We couldn't get info from our suppliers about what they're made from or the factory where they're made, and we tried to find an alternative but to no avail. We and our customers loved this glitter button so much that we decided to let this one be imperfect, just for now.
At the moment we're still a very small business, but we hope that as we grow, we'll have more buying power and be able to source buttons like this direct from factories using 100% recycled materials. 

So that's the low-down. Welcome to our home! Have a look around, get comfy. And if you have any Q's or suggestions, get in touch. We'd love to hear what's on your mind! xx