Want to know more about Queer terms? The keys to health and happiness? Want to know more about POC's experiences and how to support? Sustainability vs. Greenwashing?

Here are some of our top picks for self-education, which we'll update as we go:

The Pronoun Low Down 
Understanding Gender
Gender vs. Sexuality
A Queer POC experience in Aus

Health and Happiness
Who We Are - a doco on the human brain, spirituality, and how their relationship can help us heal and move into living our best lives -

Our take on 'Finding Wholeness' -

Stop Chasing 'Purpose' and Focus on Wellness -

First Nations Australia: 
NAIDOC WEEK: History - How to take action as an ally - Land Back chat by Ruby Wharton
CHANGE THE DATE - why it matters.
BLM in Australia: A resource list - Systemic Racism: what does it mean? - you can also learn watching films like In My Blood it Runs, Charlie's Country, 10 Canoes, Satelite Boy, Kikki and Kitty (comedy series by Nakkia Lui), NiTV etc. The list is massive, but these are some of our faves as starting points.

Sustainability requires a whole system approach to life. It can feel overwhelming at times. But over the last 10 years of researching, volunteering, and experimenting, I've learnt that you have to start small, go gently, and remember to start with you. If you're not well, not healthy, unhappy or out of balance, then you won't have the energy to keep up the good fight. So start there. Then you can look at composting, recycling, reducing consumerism, mending, reducing packaging etc. Start with the things that matter most to you. 

Education: 10 ways to Live Sustainably - Sustainability for Beginners - The True Cost : a film about the Fashion Industry - How to compost - Mending Tutorials

How to take action: Seed Mob - Environmental Defenders Office - Bush Heritage - Indigenous Rangers