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"ヤバイカントリー” Yabai is Japanese for dangerous, but in slang is used to mean awesome/cool/dangerous/hectic/crazy etc, like many popular words people just throw it in to add some edge or emphasis. 'Yabai Country' directly translates to both "Danger Country" and "Rad/awesome Country" and for us is a reminder that if we can take things that are challenging and turn them into something rad. #trasmutethatshit! And in doing so, we create our freedom.

We've worked with artist Cale Labbe on the design, and have used Kusaga Athletic's 'Greenest T' again for our base, because we love their T's and their ethics so much.

"The design Cale and I created for this shirt is inspired by my dear friend Marty's climbing harness. He taught me how to climb in this harness, and had been using it since his childhood so it's dripping in 80's colours, colours that hold such beaut summer memories of time spent with this wondrous human." - Evie, Creative Director.

Kusaga Athletic are leaders in the development of new sustainable textiles and design fabrics that are not only good for the environment, but also wear amazingly on the court, running a marathon, riding to work, and long nights up on the dance floor. This fabric is super soft and odour minimising, so you can move your way with style, ease, and ultimate comfort.

- Made From Ecolite (80% Lyocell from corn fibers and 20% Linen)
- Printed Digitally (water-free printing!) in Brisbane
- Breathable and Light

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