CUSTOM MADE CLOTHING: How to measure guide.

To get the best result when custom making, an in-person fitting is the most realiable, but a close second best is a good and detailed info sheet like this.

Print this sheet out and fill in as many measurements as you can that would apply to what you want to order (if you're ordering a button-up shirt for example, you won't need to fill any of the leg measurements, or the overall strap lengths), then email the filled-in form back to us.

If you're comfortable to include a photo with this that can really help too, especially if you're ordering a design that's not yet part of our collection -something just for you, or when you'd like a design to be altered a lot (more than just hem or dart adjustments for example), this helps us to see where darts and design features would sit best on you, and things like where you like your waistband or neckline to sit etc. But remember, all is totally optional and comfort dependant! If it's not your jam, we can work a way around it.

If you have any questions, or want to talk through it, just send us an email with your best number and preferred time for a call back and we will get back to you.

Looking forward to creating magic together!

Evie x