What is End-Of-Roll? And why do we use it for our collections?

So you might be wondering why we use End-of-Roll fabrics, and what that means for your garments. So here's a little more info about End-of-Roll fabric.

Basically End-of-Roll fabric is fabric that is the last of it's kind, it's often the last of a big order that a factory made, or a custom order that a design house created but then didn't use as much of as they'd planned.

For a long time in the fashion industry this excess would go in the trash, companies would claim their losses and just throw the fabrics away. With the amount of work, water, material, earth that goes into making fabrics this was a deeply flawed practise. But thanks to films like The True Cost (we HIGHLY recommend watching this film if you haven't yet!) and growing consumer awareness these fabrics are now made available to smaller labels like us. In the fashion industry a small order of fabric is considered to be 100-500 meter rolls, and if you want to custom design a fabric the minimum order is usually 300-1000 meters so for smaller brands it's just not an option. And for us, if we can't create a new textile that doesn't harm the environment or people and animals in it's production then we'll find an alternative that meets our standards for both quality and positive environmental impact. So we use our years of knowledge working with textiles to track down the best of designer End-of-Rolls knowing that we're doing good for the future of this planet. We also kind of love that these are now the last pieces of something beautiful and unique, sometimes it's an Italian made designer rayon, sometimes a vintage cotton canvas, still strong and uniquely beautiful. 
All of our fabrics are chosen consciously and for us this means considering not just how luxurious they feel, how dope the colours are, how the texture makes us smile in our hearts, but also considering their impact.

*Note: in this collection we do use some synthetic blends, for a while we avoided these because synthetics won't break down in the environment like natural fabrics do, and then if not disposed of properly, they can cause harm for years afterwards. So, why did we decide to use them?
We figured if they would otherwise be going straight to landfill, it's better for the world if we add another step to their journey, postponing that stage, and in the mean time adding joyful stories to the fabrics life.

As consumers we can all play a part in creating better futures:

When you're done with an item of clothing, pass it on to someone who'll love it up again. Or if it gets a mark or a tear in it wash or repair it as soon as you can. With natural fibres when they're really really old and worn you can use them as rags, and then put them in the compost, and they'll turn back into the soil that grew them. Don't burn your waste, especially not anything with any element of plastic or synthetic content, it will release toxic gases as it burns. Unfortunately our society hasn't caught up with the waste we've been creating in finding ways to dispose of synthetic fabrics, but research is being done about it and we'll keep you posted as we find out more. For now just use it as long as you possibly can, re-work and re-purpose, and when it's definitely time to go, send it to the tip.

For future collections we're looking into options for recycled nylons and other future forward fabrics, and as we grow we know we'll have more options for researching and developing our own ethical and sustainable fabrics. We're excited to share this journey with you and thank you so much for supporting us as we do. We're out here. And together we're going to make a better world.