Yabai Tote Bag

Yabai Tote Bag

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The perfect buddy for beach trips and summer adventures. Wheteher you shop, climb or bushwalk this tote will carry all the good you need.

Available in Organic Cotton Canvas or Vintage Linen with our bright "Yabai Country/ヤバイカントリー" climbing harness print.

38x38cm with a 12cm wide base, and webbed cotton shoulder strap.

Yabai is Japanese for dangerous, and in slang means awesome/cool/dangerous/ hectic/crazy etc. Like many popular words people just throw it in to add some edge or emphasis. 'Yabai Country' directly translates to both "Danger Country" and "Rad/awesome Country" and for us is a reminder that it we can take things that are challenging and turn them into something rad. 

"The design Cale and I created for this bag is inspired by my dear friend Marty's rock climbing harness. He taught me how to climb in it, and had been using it since his childhood so it's dripping in 80's colours, colours that hold such beaut summer memories of time spent with this wondrous human." - Evie, Creative Director.

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