So this week was Fashion Revolution week and I was so stoked to see how much force the movement has gained in it's 4th year! More and more people are getting curious and asking the right questions about where their clothes come from: how they're made, what from, and by whom.

I really need to get someone in my studio to photograph me sewing, but in the meantime here's my face and the face of my fab friend Noni who's been helping me out when I have more sewing than I can do alone. So when you invest in Genkstasy, these are the folks who are making your clothes. ***

Then we had the AFC come and share some of it's aspirations for the Australian fashion industry (community, sustainability, growth, were my faves of the list) in a gallery in James St. It's always so inspiring to get out and talk fashion with other local creatives, to hear what challenges and successes we've each had and how we're doing things, to meet new faces and chat with new and old friends.

I also did a live interview with 2ser.fm this week which was great fun! If you'd like to check it out just click on the link here.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful week and weekend to come!


P.S.***Transparency note: I had another Brissy sewer make a set of pants and hoods for me for my first Pop-Up shop back in September but haven't worked with them since I found my Noni, so sadly I don't have a photo to share. If you have one of those first pieces and want to see who made them send me a message and I'll get in contact again and get one to you.
Thanks again for your support! xx

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