So, you got yourself some rad threads! How you gonna keep them rad longterm?  

Well here's our best tips for keeping your goods GOOD!  

Cotton Care:

  1. WASH WITH LIKE COLOURS - we've all done the accidental red sock in the wash, and we love pink sure! But if you don't want a that patchy pink, or grey on your light things, then wash em together. To still be water-wise we wash all our linens, sheets and light coloured towels with our light stuff, and that keeps the lint from your towels off your dark stuff too.
  2. Gentle spin cycle if you can, OR chuck em in a wash bag : easy fix!
  3.  We like to hang our fave pieces inside: safe from birds and keeps your black things from fading. If you do want to hang things outside (the sun makes things fresh so we get it) then just turn your black/dark pieces inside-out so they can fade on the inside but stay sharp on the outside!
  4. If you hang things on hangers to dry, make sure you put the hanger in from the bottom, this will keep your neckline in shape for longer.    
  5. Dry-cleaning is fine on low/warm occasionally, but avoid the 'hot' setting, and try to keep it to a minimum because it does wear the fabric faster.
  6. DON'T BLEACH: chlorine bleach will actually turn your white cottons yellow over time. That and it's not a friend to the seas. A plain old soap will help remove stains (you can leave it for an hour or two) and you can also wet the stain and sprinkle it with salt or bi-carb to draw the colour out of the fabric.
  7. STAINS: the sooner you get them out the better! Even a dodgey public bathroom rinse or soap up will do it.

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