What is love?

Hey Beautiful Humans,

I wanted to share with you a project I've been working on in between sewing and designing called "The Meaning Of Love".

It's a video series that explores all the different forms of love, and the many ways we each perceive love, and experience it in our lives and our relationships.

I really like sharing stories with people. I find everyone has such different experiences, but that in that there's always something we can relate to in each others' stories and lives, and I find that so inspiring. I also really love 'love' so I was excited to start making work that would give me more reasons to have these rad conversations with people.

I'm starting by interviewing friends (I'm lucky to have a lot of very wise and inspiring friends here in Brisbane) but I'm hoping the project will grow and evolve so I'll be able to start inviting more and more people from all around the world to share their stories too.

Thanks, for reading and watching. And if you, or anyone you know wants to share their story too, please get in touch via facebook.

Evie xx

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